GEM Topics

Duration: approximately 10 minutes

  • Introduction to Engage Remote Teams through Social Learning and Collaboration

  • The Need for Social Learning

  • Designing a Successful Social Learning Experience

  • Overcoming Challenges When Establishing Social Learning Programs

  • Creating Authentic and Relevant Experience

  • Designing Activities for Global Virtual Teams

  • Wrap-Up and Key Takeaways

GEM Author

Associate Vice President, Learning Design

Daila Boufford

Daila joined ansrsource in 2016, combining her passion for education with more than fifteen years of professional experience in client service and research, content development and instructional design. Because of her background, Daila has a unique ability to work with learning designers, graphic artists, and animation teams as well as to partner with clients to define scope and manage timeline and expectations.

In her current role, Daila is responsible for a wide range of aspects in designing and developing online learning experiences, including course curriculum, micro-learning segments, videos, animations, and simulations.