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Have you ever come across "fat talk" at your workplace? Do you want to create an awareness about body types in your workplace? In this GEM, learn body diversity in the workplace and in 10 meaningful minutes earn your digital badge.

Let's Dig In.

If you were to ask almost any woman if she has thought recently about her weight, she would likely tell you "yes." The same would be true for many people who identify on the queer or the nonbinary gender spectrum. Body image is also becoming a more prevalent issue for many men. It’s past time we started to create space for all bodies in the workplace. Through this course, we will define issues impacting bigger bodied people in the workplace, identify ways to reframe “fat talk” at work, and explore strategies to create a more inclusive workplace for bigger bodies. By completing this GEM, you will be able to:

  • Define common issues for fat people, including "fat talk," in the workplace.

  • Identify what you can do to reframe "fat talk" at work.

  • Apply strategies to create an inclusive workplace environment for fat people.

  • Add an exclusive credential to LinkedIn and other platforms.

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GEM Contributor

Body Diversity Educator

Kodi Phelps

Kodi Phelps (she/her/hers) is a student affairs professional with 12 years of experience creating educational programming focusing on diversity, inclusion, and social justice topics. She has also worked in the nonprofit field, primarily with low-income, monolingual Spanish-speaking families. Kodi has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Art with a minor in Ethnic Studies and a Master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education, both from Colorado State University. She has led multiple workshops and presentations, in particular around body diversity, including her TEDx CSU talk, “Does this Oppression Make Me Look Fat? How We Unlearn the Number on the Scale.”