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Practicing forgiveness helps us to stay grounded and to love unconditionally—even those people who have hurt us deeply. With courage and empathy, it can even be possible at times to face our greatest adversaries and forgive them. When we’re able to do this, we have the opportunity to turn someone’s life around and to release ourselves from some of the pain they caused us as well. This GEM™ explores how we can develop courage, shares stories about the power of forgiveness, and highlights the power we have through empathy to make a difference in our own lives and in the lives of others. By completing this GEM, you will be able to:

  • Articulate what courage is.

  • Assess your own limitations to practicing forgiveness.

  • Appreciate the power of empathy.

  • Add an exclusive credential to LinkedIn and other platforms.

GEM Contributor

Founder and Chief Facilitator of Empathy Matters

Rasha Kutty

Rasha Kutty is the founder of Empathy Matters Private Limited, an organization working to provide empathy education and consulting services to corporate companies and educational institutions. The organization's flagship initiative is the Empathy University, which provides customized experiential workshops/webinars and certification programs on empathy and emotional health to professionals.
She holds a master's degree in management and is currently pursuing her master’s in psychology. She is also a certified instructional designer and is on her way to becoming a certified Empathic Intervision Facilitator. She has previously worked in the corporate sector with organizations and clients, including ansrsource, Yahoo, and Apple. She is also actively involved in social causes, is an L&D consultant, and has associated with some of the best educational pioneers in the world, such as TEDx and Technovation.

The GEM Strategy

Rajiv Narayana, President & CEO, ansrsource

"The quickening pace of change that organizations and that each of us are experiencing can be overwhelming. We’ve observed an increasing need for efficient and timely experiences that help enable transformation, allowing learners to make sense of and keep pace with a constantly changing world. ansrsource is very excited to launch our GEM learning experiences to meet the need of Accelerating Transformation Through Learning™."