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If you're new to remote work or managing remote workers, this course is for you. Designed by a team that has worked remotely for more than a decade, this course covers strategies for turning a remote workforce into a successful, tight knit team. By completing this GEM™, you will be able to:

  • Lead with empathy to enable your team’s success.

  • Enact strategies to maintain engagement and healthy relationships during times of stress.

  • Establish ways of working in this new normal to ensure your team maintains productivity.

  • Add an exclusive credential to LinkedIn and other platforms.

GEM Contributor

Daila Boufford

Daila joined ansrsource in 2016, combining her passion for education with more than fifteen years of professional experience in client service and research, content development and instructional design. Because of her background, Daila has a unique ability to work with learning designers, graphic artists, and animation teams as well as to partner with clients to define scope and manage timeline and expectations.

In her current role, Daila is responsible for a wide range of aspects in designing and developing online learning experiences, including course curriculum, micro-learning segments, videos, animations, and simulations.

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5 star rating

Great ideas on team building

Cassie Price

The GEM Strategy

Rajiv Narayana, President & CEO, ansrsource

"The quickening pace of change that organizations and that each of us are experiencing can be overwhelming. We’ve observed an increasing need for efficient and timely experiences that help enable transformation, allowing learners to make sense of and keep pace with a constantly changing world. ansrsource is very excited to launch our GEM learning experiences to meet the need of Accelerating Transformation Through Learning™."