Let's Dig In.

A GEM™ (Granular Education Module) is a short, online course designed to transform your learning through bite-sized units of topical, relevant content. Build skills and increase learning agility for yourself or your team with these affordable, effective transformation-focused courses. This module is an introduction to the GEM experience and also serves as an example of an actual GEM, demonstrating how GEM experiences are organized and what makes them unique. By completing this GEM, you will be able to:

  • Summarize the history and the philosophy behind the GEM experience.

  • Understand our transformative approach to increasing learning agility.

  • Explain how we customize learning experiences and content with speed, scale, and sophistication.

  • Add an exclusive credential to LinkedIn and other platforms.

The GEM Strategy

Rajiv Narayana, President & CEO, ansrsource

"The quickening pace of change that organizations and that each of us are experiencing can be overwhelming. We’ve observed an increasing need for efficient and timely experiences that help enable transformation, allowing learners to make sense of and keep pace with a constantly changing world. ansrsource is very excited to launch our GEM learning experiences to meet the need of Accelerating Transformation Through Learning™."