"The GEMs are excellent resources for getting employees (or bosses) up to speed on an important topic quickly."

– Chris Martinez, CTO, CleverFunnel Digital

Chris Martinez, CTO, CleverFunnel

Proud to feature content from top academic minds

Tiffani Kelli

Colorado State University

Dr. Thomas N. Duening

University of Minnesota, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Dr. Navneet Kapoor

University of Minnesota, University of Chicago Booth School of Business, IIT – Kanpur

Julia Miller

SUNY at Buffalo, University of Vermont

Ben Paris

New York University, Bowdoin College, London School of Economics

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More Than 17 Years of Digital Learning Experience

about ansrsource

In 2003, ansrsource was formed with a mission to improve the higher education experience. With students, educators, and administrators in mind, we set out to make quality digital education easy and accessible. What started as a handful of authors writing assessment questions for publishing companies has grown into a global team well versed in learning design and the creation of learning assets.

With a focus on interactivity and accessibility, we've continued to grow by partnering as a full-service learning design company with leading universities, corporations, learning technology companies, and publishers.